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No specific subject... is there ever?

Jan. 13th, 2006 | 05:47 am
mood: awake
music: Blink 182 (Dude Ranch album)

Well, that is the tattoo I want to get on my calf/leg, I don't want the Descendents part, just the kid and "I don't want to grow up" under him. Ramsey is going to buy it for me in exchange for me buying her something. Speaking of Ramsey, I love this girl... she is the most amazing person in the world, way cooler than you. So, it's been a while since I updated my LJ, since I was restless tonight I decided I would. Well, lets see, I moved to Tennessee in an attempt to earn money and get a new car because my old one blew up, that's the end of the Subaru. Other than that, nothing really exciting has happened, well, if you didn't know that I was dating Ramsey Tilson, that's another thing. I guess I'm getting off here, I want you guys to read this since I wrote it like I was talking to someone, so I'll make it short. Goodnight.

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I hear that train a comin, it's rollin round the bend.

Dec. 30th, 2005 | 05:26 am
music: Mmmm cocaine = Shit, I shouldn't have snorted that shit.

Yea, I got hit in the head tonight with a poker chip that was thrown like a ninja star and it cut my head open and left a big lump. I also broke an old shitty acoustic over someone head, that was exciting. Oh boy, isn't cocaine just that grandest?

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Searching for a Former Clarity

Dec. 7th, 2005 | 03:30 am
mood: chipperchipper
music: Against Me of course....

I bought Against Me's new album today, it's by far the best and most amazing thing to run into my ears. I went to Taco Bell today to, I bought a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with only meat and cheese, Chicken Quesadilla, A soft taco with beef and cheese only, two Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes with no green onions, and an XL Dr. Pepper. Today was pretty good I'd say.

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I'm so happy.

Nov. 20th, 2005 | 01:23 am
mood: happyhappy
music: happyness

So, I went to Kentucky on Thursday night to visit family and go to my neice's baby shower. ( I was randomly an uncle when I was born.) So, my brother-in-law works at this company that inspects broilers and he offered me a job to be a broiler inspecter. I get to travel around the U.S. for free and be trained to inspect broilers. I get 50,000 a year at the least once i'm fully trained which takes about 3 months. I should start within a year or so. I'm really happy. I have to move to Kentucky though, which is fine with me for 50k a year. Also, for the time being I'm moving back in with Mead.

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"I'll have corn nuggets with a side of cornbread and milk."

Nov. 10th, 2005 | 03:50 am
mood: calmcalm
music: Broken Social Scene-Anthem for a 17 year old girl

What good is anything if anything is nothing?
Can it really be this hard?
This persistant ringing, it's haunting
Take in the surrounding beauty and spit it out
If I fall with noone around, could I hear it myself?

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Nov. 8th, 2005 | 02:13 am
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: Pinback (like always)

I really need a job and a hobby.

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Stupid Beer

Nov. 6th, 2005 | 07:42 pm
mood: crappycrappy
music: Gwar-Fucking an Animal

I should never drink ever again, I'm shitty when I'm drunk. Actually, I'm shitty pretty much all the time. I wish I was someone else.

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What the fuck time is it?

Nov. 4th, 2005 | 03:57 am
mood: awake
music: Taking Back Sunday-You Know How I Do

It's like 3:57 a.m. and I'm trying real hard to get to sleep and it's impossible... I went to Charlotte yesterday and drank a whole lot with Daniel Ornato and listened to necromantics a lot. Hmmm, Tomm. I'm going to App. to pick up Tyler and then we're coming back to Asheville and drinking a Gaelic keg on Town Mountain. Peace out.

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Fall is grrrrrrreat

Nov. 1st, 2005 | 01:32 pm
mood: awake
music: Pinback-Syracuse

I wish the trees looked like this during all the seasons. It's about time to buy some new compact discs. Later.

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It's about time to get serious

Nov. 1st, 2005 | 01:38 am
mood: confusedconfused
music: Underoath-Content with Losing

I've had my fun, it's time to get fucking serious. God damnit... this sucks.

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